About ACC & Our Mission

27a235_82fae15ed54f4924abf57dd5160fa2d5The Airport Concerned Citizens (ACC) is a group of friends, neighbors and fellow citizens who believe strongly in the need of a viable, vigorous airport for service to the growing economy of the city, but are opposed to the expansion of our airport’s aviation operations in the airport’s current location which is the geographic and cultural heart of our growing city and totally atop the Edwards Recharge Zone. ACC believes that unrestrained growth in the airport’s current location would impose unacceptable long term safety, environmental and cultural impacts on our growing city and relocation would be of substantial financial benefit to our taxpayers.

The ACC supports relocation of the airport to a protected, conflict free site outside the city and finance the move by the fiscal proceeds from transformation and sale of the airport’s citizen owned 640 acres to a planned, mixed use, residential, commercial and retail development. We are confident that a properly managed professional sale of the property when packaged with the combined city benefits provided to the Wolf Ranch Mall and the Summit at the Rivery would return to the taxpayers a value in excess of $100 million and indefinite future returns through property and sales taxes for our posterity.

The City of Georgetown is one of the fastest growing communities in the nation. Our City Planning Department projects that the population of the city and its ETJ will be over 135,000 by the year 2030 and will continue growing in future decades. The airport needs to expand its services to the city’s private and business aviation customers. The future airport will be far different from the current one.

The airport has long maintained its operations virtually free of public concerns and costs to the taxpayers. That has changed. The airport must grow and is in fiscal difficulties. Plans are underway by the city to solve these deficiencies by increased growth of aviation operations, selling more fuel, renting more hanger and parking spaces and leasing more land to businesses. More aircraft, more hours of the day and night, larger piston and jet aircraft, more flight patterns over more city areas.

The city is financing the airport’s capital improvements program by using 90% federal grant funds from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Use of such funds, unlike municipal bond funds, allows funding and construction to proceed without votes for or against, but does require conformance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for pubic involvement including federally structured public hearings for citizens consensus. The citizens of Georgetown have been denied such public hearings. The ACC is devoted to attaining NEPA compliance for airport federal funding.

Not everyone will agree with ACC, but the citizens who own the airport need an opportunity to express their desires on what and where they want their airport to be. Therefore we have the following goals:

Short term goal: Public consensus on one of three (3) airport visions; (1) Full implementation of future airport programs on the 640 acre or expanded citizen owned site, (2) Limited implementation of airport program confined for service only to number and type of aircraft and business now based at airport, or (3) Phased relocation of airport with minimum interruption to restrained airport operations to site outside city, free of future conflicts and designed and managed for robust future operations.

Long term goal: Assist city elected officials and staff in implementation of vision No. 3 above for airport relocation and mixed use development of 640 acre site compatible with city values.

We welcome our fellow citizens to join us in our cause. Please send us your name and e-mail address.